Braids On for Conservation gives voice to BraidsOn for Conservation (

SIGN UP for the BRAIDSON tribe

A visual representation celebrating mother nature and helping save rainforests for threatened and endangered species. 

You can BraidsOn for the month of September or join National Braids Day on the  28th of September. Send your best plaits and braids to #braids.on. 

Start a tribe and reconnect socially with loved ones for braiding hair was been something women have done for centuries. 

Braid, wrap or plait your hair and add green ribbon, cloth or any other material  to your hair to help raise awareness and funds to protect rainforest and habitat for wildlife.

Every $10 protects four acres of endangered habitat

All donations are match $1 for $1. What we raise as a tribe will be doubled! Double the rainforests protected. 


SIGN UP for the BRAIDSON tribe

Braid, plait or wrap your hair as many times as you like during the month of September.  You can BraidsOn just once on the 28th of September or the whole month, it is your campaign, so you decide.