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‘Mikey the Powerful Owlet’ is the local voice for protection and awareness of the endangered Powerful Owl through the Powerful Owl Project. These majestic birds have been brought to life by the amazing photos of local paparazzo Michael Bianchino.

In the video below, my friend Graham Ross, key spokesperson for ‘National Tree Day’ in Beecroft last year, introduces my fellow environmentalist and friend, Michael Bianchino, who has written and performs his song about protecting Mikey the Powerful Owlet. You will also spot James Stanton-Cooke (friend and founder of BeardsOn/BraidsOn for Conservation), and Emma Heyde (our local Greens Representative) who works tirelessly protecting our environment and keeping our community in the loop with Council’s activities.


In January 2016, the community decided that Mikey needed a voice, so local copywriter Georgia Cameron (Mikey’s alter-ego) created his Facebook page.  Mikey the Powerful Owlet’s “Woo Hoo” call has engaged followers and the wider media calling attention to saving Byles Creek Valley, a significant habitat for both the Powerful Owl and the Gang-Gang Cockatoo. Mikey’s campaign aims to fight overdevelopment and destructive changes to our biodiversity laws. Mikey’s portrait 2017 Archibald prize entry by Joel Moore – Mulga the Artist:

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You can help this project by sharing  Mikey’s story and support his Facebook page, so that your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids can see a majestic Powerful Owl in the wild, not stuffed in a glass case in a museum display.

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