Our Origins

Wear My Voice was born from the global demand for young ACTIVISTS to speak up about the world’s injustices and make a valuable change for the better. The founder, Abira Harvey, is an avid proactive environmentalist and contributor to her community, and wider causes and believes that all young people should have a voice for improving their present and their future.

Environmentalist and Social Justice Activist

Abira is an avid proactive environmentalist and contributor to her community, and wider causes. Abira has been a strong advocate and assisted with Green Team and Social Justice at Cheltenham Girls’ High School, and has actively developed a teen mental health program in the social entrepreneur program at NCAPAHS. More recently she donated her artwork to the 10th Anniversary Refugee Ball, is representing her Generation in Gen3M supporting disadvantaged children, and working with restorative justice causes such as The Possibility Project. Abira has always greatly valued the world she has grown from, and the equality and rights of humankind and its connection and lineage with the animal kingdom. Abira supports numerous  local environmental groups which you can learn more about at her website ‘Me For Trees

More Than Meets the Eye!

Not only does Abira believe in representing her generation for social and environmental causes, she is also an actress, dancer, singer, and artist, though it doesn’t stop there!  Abira is passionate about every single aspect of her life, and the moments she is given to extend herself are pursued with sheer delight and commitment. Nothing is taken for granted, and everything is fully appreciated. You will find all the products on this website are close to her heart and are genuine items Abira herself would enjoy shopping for!  

Sharing Her Voice

Abira seeks to supply items that speak for causes and the rights and concerns of the YOUNGER GENERATION at reasonable prices and with low (or nil) delivery costs. She founded ‘Wear My Voice’ to provide a comprehensive range of practical and cause-related items such as clothing, protest items, jewellery, books, college items & contemporary gifts that can be shopped in one convenient place online suited to her millennial generation.

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